Hello there, welcome to my portfolio site. This is home to all my commissioned work.

I am based at my Brighton Studio, located in a Victorian artists mews, which is home to many other creatives. My photographic and video work takes me around Britain and the continent. I am lucky to have an interesting mix on my client list, from Milliner Emma Fielden to AV production company Mascol. My event and PR work has included COTY inc, Rockstar Games and Company of Animals.

Studying Film Production at UCA gave me an introduction to the world of filmmaking and at the Farnham campus I specialised in Cinematography, where I learnt how to light 16mm, 35mm and digital Oscar winning DoP's such as Billy Williams (Ghandi) and Jack Cardiff (Black Narcissus & The Red Shoes). After graduating I became a camera assistant for artists and progressed further into the industry via my camera roles as film loader and focus puller on short films, music promos and feature films. I advanced into lighting and consequently began operating and became a Director of Photography on short and feature films.

Using the skills and discipline I learnt in the film industry, I moved to Brighton and became a photographer, where I have held numerous fine art exhibitions and have created a diverse corporate portfolio from natural light portraits to time lapse videos. I wanted to specialise in creating my own images and collaborating on more intimate projects. I love working with people - to create the right image - either with products or performance - marketing managers or artists.

It always comes down to the story and what you need to say