Charlie Mizon

Charlie Mizon is one of those dark comedians whose audiences are full of nervous laughter, too scared to laugh, uncomfortable, close to the bone. His subject matters are depression, failure and suicide, ideal subject matter for comedy. Ideal subject for portrait photography.

Charlie has a one man stand up show inhabited by many characters, we photographed each of them. No costume changes, just a few props.

There is the Chef Preston Blumenthal, the priest is Pastor Ted Bear and the magician is the Great Faustini, though my favourite is the nurse Sister Claire Crippin.

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1x Softbox on a boom arm above him

1 x Poly underneath/to the side

1x Beauty Dish for the background

1x Artic White Backdrop

Dan Greest

Dan Greest

Dan is such a lovely guy, we had a very chilled shoot for his actor headshots. He has a fierce, but calm look in his photographs – slightly moody, but you can see the warmth in his eyes. In-between shots his massive smile would come out, but he found it easy to slip between the two emotions and can even cry on demand, though I never asked him to prove it. An actor so in control of their emotions and easy to work with is an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Dan had got a wonderful choice of arriving with a beard and shaving half way through the shoot to show the casting directors the variety that his Hungarian face can show.

Dan Greest

Casting Call Pro

Sasha Ellen

Sasha Ellen

Sasha approached me needing to update her actors headshots, but also wanting some performers portraits for her stand up comedy.

English rose appearance at 26yrs old, but of Russian descent added to her look and attitude, cute, but also bold, determined and of course, funny.

It is so important to understand who, what and why you are photographing – What story do you want to tell about someone?

This only works if they let you in and want to say something about themselves, it is a collaboration – it is also fun

Sasha and I met and talked about her work, she gave me her older headshots and said what she liked and disliked, so we had a point of reference and talked about her comedy and her writing – she had a hit play in New York and Ed Finge Signal Failure

The shoot was fab – shooting double the ammount I normally photograph. Outside in my courtyard, with late afternoon sun, cloud and reflector we had good light. In the studio I used 2 soft boxes above and behind – shooting on a small ladder with a 24mm lens, distorting Sasha, whilst she ran through some of her routine

Look out for her in May 28th-29th at Brighton Fringe 4 Minute Warning


Casting Call Pro


Doug Devenay

Doug Devenay

Doug Devenay – actors headshot

Doug is one of my favourite actors to photograph…

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Heather Hughes

Heather Hughes

Heather Hughes – headshot photography

First shoot of the year, was thanks to a warm American smile and great MUA Mark Hunt, a pleasure to shoot. We quickly achieved the look that Heather wanted for her new headshots as Director of the UK branch of Novalash.