Amies Freedom Choir

  • Camera/Lighting/Edit

    Amies Freedom Choir perform for Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International asked me to create videos of the Amies Freedom Choir for their Annual Supporter Meeting. It was an absolute privilege to witness the power of these survivors. I was moved to tears many times during filming and the edit.

Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest human rights organisation, founded in 1839, campaigning for freedom from slavery for everyone, everywhere, always. The choir aims to develop the musical and cultural awareness of young women who have survived trafficking by exploring songs and musical styles from each others' cultures and languages. The choir is funded by Youth Music, Arts Council England, Maingot Trust and Lifelines International.

Pan uses arts for social change working across ethnic, cultural and faith boundaries to encourage understanding, integration and empowerment throughout our diverse society. Pan runs creative workshops, community programmes and public events for those who are often not heard in society and achieves results through the sustained process of creativity rather than the production and presentation of performances.

For the meeting, I created many videos of interviews and two performances. Due to the sensitive nature of protecting the identities of the performers, I either blurred them in the edit, shot in close up or light in silhouette. I filmed them performing each song twice with three cameras, so as to have the relevant footage in the edit.

Cameras: 2x5dmk3's and 1xR5

Lighting: 2xArri 800W and 2xLitepanels 3x

Sound: 1xSennheiser 416 shotgun mic mounted behind the conductor and 1xSennheiser G4 radio mic in-between choir and conductor

We Will Rise (Adwoa Dickenson/Anna Samant and the Amies Freedom Choir 2020)

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