Brighton based photographer and videographer, Emma Bailey has been working in film and video for almost 20 years. Training in film and video production, then progressing into photography. Emma now blends collaborative cinematography with creative photography to create bespoke corporate videos to include time lapses and talking heads.






I spent a day filming the staff of Excel Care homes in London to showcase their career opportunities.

People from all walks of life tell say that working for Excelcare is rewarding on many levels, with high rates of job satisfaction – and they're proud of the large number of long service awards they give out – they have an impressive list of employees who have been with them for over 25 years.

Editor: Sadie Munro


The forum highlights the unique value of locating or outsourcing data center, cloud and IT infrastructure across the important and fast growing Nordic region.

Here I flew to Stockholm to film a timelapse and interviews for Maverik TV for a promo



One of many promos of a play which I shot and cut in the summertime of twee Buxton. The Carrot Nappers at Buxton Fringe 2017, written/produced by Keith Large.


It’s been said that Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo is a model Formula One driver, so Sheep Films took that literally in this miniature guide to the Canadian Grand Prix.

I spent a day at Red Bull HQ in Milton Keynes lighting the green screen and Daniel’s live action part, we were lucky enough to light the main floor where the expensive cars were the stars. Daytime drew to a close and Daniel arrived, we only had a 1 hour slot to film everything in, for the Canadian track and others. He learnt his lines, was a lovely chap and here is one of the videos.

Director: Dave Packer

DoP: Frank Madone



12,000+ photos, 7 cameras, 4 operators, 20 minute set-up in-between the public leaving the Tower of London and the outside contractors turning the White Tower into a spectacular evening event space…in only 1 hour!

The Tower of London asked GilRei Video to create a timelapse video of this intense set-up period. I headed up the camera crew, shot some live footage and graded the RAW photos, which James Tucker then made into this great video.

We used 5Dmk3 & mk2 in the two halls, B-Cams were the mk1 and a GoPro

Director: Rob Reina

Editor: James Tucker