Creating the right message for your brand is important, so I offer a free consultation over coffee.
You have to choose the right photographer for you and there are so many. I want you to feel comfortable with me and I want to understand how you need to be portrayed.

Your Face

Your Shoot

Your Edit


From Brighton Train Station take No 6 bus to Brunswick Place and Farm Road is opposite. Walking takes approximately 20mins. The Studio is in an old mews, located behind the Coopers Cask pub on Farm Road
Address is 13 Lansdowne Mews, Farm Road, BN3 1FW Map


Please drink lots of water the night before and get some good sleep, it all helps for healthy skin. Do not have anything stressful before or after our session as this can distract and take you out of your shoot.


Denim is good - top or jacket. V neck t shirts, circular is not flattering. No bright colours i.e. peach/yellow/orange etc  Yes to blue/grey/brown. Please bring a fitted shirt. No logos or patterns or prints please. No stripes, you will look like a deckchair.
Any issues then keep labels on new clothes and return them after shoot
Below are some tips on what not to wear
Big thanks to the talented writers & actors Edmund Fargher and Katy Shutte  for modelling these for me. Check out their new project SIDELINERS

How not to wear


Please make sure that your shirts fit you, we need to show off your physique, not letting you look like a kid in its dad's shirts. Bring them ironed, yes I can photoshop out creases but it is a time consuming unglamorous job.

What Not To Wear

Bright Colours

If you are pale, no peach/yellow/red as they distract from your face. Darker colours, green, grey, blue - importantly your eye colour are more favourable. Black and also white can be used as long as the top is fitted suitably.

what not to wear


We are marketing you, not another brand

What not to wear

Noisy Patterns

Noisy patterns are very distracting and can also typecast you into playing certain characters.

What not to wear

Round Necked Tops

Not flattering especially after cropping they show too much skin and give a naked impression, also we can see bra straps. A V-neck top narrows your face and leaves you looking trimmer. V-necks are an excellent way of slimming people down, round necks enlarge you.

What not to wear


Just look like a deck chair

How not to wear


Please arrive with your hair how you would wish it and bring any products you will need. A make-up artist can be supplied for £80. I use Ximena Mallou. Please do not apply make-up, apart from a natural shade of eyeshadow and lipstick and moisturised skin. Please do not use foundation, it is easier for me to photoshop skin than badly applied make-up.

The Shoot

Approx 90mins or how long it takes according to how many clothing changes we have. More variety the better. We will use a mixture if natural light (weather permitting) and studio flash. Please let me know if you have any sensitivity to flashing lights.


You will receive an online gallery after the shoot to choose the photographs for me to edit. You will only view pleasing images, I delete unusable ones. This link may be shared so you can ask for other input in the decision making.


Either at the end of the shoot in cash or after the shoot via online transfer, payable before receiving the final edited images. Extra photographs are £25 per edit. I will raise an invoice for you.


Due to bad weather or if you have any issues I am very happy to reschedule. I would rather postpone an average shoot and schedule a better one.


Please credit me where possible my handles are below. All edited photos may be used on my website or Instagram.
IG funkyphish
FB emmabaileyphotography


With great power comes great responsibility. Photoshop is a powerful tool and must be used properly. I edit to your specifications, this is your face, so it is your edit. If you want to keep the scar, keep the scar. if you want to change the colour of the lipstick, I can do that. If you are unhappy with the edits, I will change them. This is a personal process for each person and I want you to be happy.
I want to showcase the best of you.
Here is actor and comedian Katy Shutte showcasing before and after the editing process and a speed edit from 18mins to 1min.