Back Up ft Grim Sickers – Music Video

  • Music Video

    BACK UP - ft Grim Sickers

Back Up ft Grim Sickers from drum n'bass trio Cliques is a Brighton music video shot/light/cut by me and filmed at The Old Market on the hottest day of the year. We only had a few hours in the theatre to shoot the trio, the rapper Grim Sickers, the fire performer Lily Fortune and the contortionst Twisted Nymph. The theatre's lighting tech Dan Walker was going up and down the ladders all day moving the lights around. We filmed it and got out just in time

Camera: Canon R5

Gimbal RSC2

Lenses:  16-35 f2.8 ii & 50mm 1.4

Lighting: Stage lighting tungsten and LED



Grim Sickers

Lily Fortune

Twisted Nymph

Performer agency: Electric Cabaret Company


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