• Light Painting

    Jack Valero

I used light painting to capture Brighton-based musician Jack Valero for his debut album. Jack wanted a different look to the usual singer-songwriter photography and light painting is an abstract and playful median to show Jack and his music.

It was a hot, bright day when we blacked out the studio, so as to stop any light leaks. A 60secs exposure can show any light that is in the frame. Jack was very calm and patient whilst I repeatedly light painted his face, hair, various guitars and jackets. Light painting is not an exact science and you have to work together to find the best combination of light, brushes, clothes and posture.

The brushes came from Rigu.com

I used one white optic fibre brush, rather than the black, for its scratchy texture. The camera was on a tripod, bluetoothed to my phone which I used as a camera release and timer.

Camera: Canon R5     Shutter: 60s      Aperture: 5.6     ISO: 100

Here is Jack's interview in Wonderland magazine

Jack's website

Jack's IG

Jack-Valero-Brighton Musician Music Photographer Emma Bailey Photography. Light painting on black background.

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