Lava Elastic

Lava Elastic a neurodivergent performance night is the UK's first. Brought to you by neurodivergent performer Sarah Saeed, who has performed as operatic comedy diva Marianna Harlotta and a member of autistic performance company Stealth Aspies.

Sarah wanted new promo material to imitate what the night looks and more importantly feels like. Inspired from her source material, which was based around using a variety of lights in the show, we created this shoot using light painting, coloured backdrops and gels.

      • The white backdrop -  1 x redhead gelled CTB & Moss Green
      • Beauty Dish for her face un-gelled, but diffused
      • Small softbox lighting underneath - Using modelling bulb, no flash  - Gelled ND2 & Flame Red or Medium Blue
      • The darker backdrop was still white - Beauty Dish off camera on face ungelled - behind her a small softbox modelling bulb, no flash  - Gelled Minus Green - Front white bounce came from a small head on low power off a silver reflector

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