MNDA at The Brighton Marathon 2017

MNDA Brighton Marathon 2017-0231 by Emma Bailey Photography

MNDA at The Brighton Marathon 2017

Photographing runners raising money for Motor Neurone Disease at the Brighton Marathon was a moving experience, also involved a bit of planning of positions and a lot of cycling around to each point. The love and support which I captured had me in tears most of the day and I felt very fortunate to be able to photograph some of their stories from the start at Preston park to the finish at Madeira Drive, on a very hot and sunny day.

Advice for other photographers:

  • Pick 3 spots ahead of the day to capture most of the runners according to the light. Mine were opposite the Pavilion; on the road where they were running up then coming back so I could get the from both directions
  • Wear their charity top so the can see you and at least make eye contact, wave, smile – depending on pain! Shout the charity to get attention
  • Settings f4-f8, high shutter for no motion blur (if that is your style, use a higher ISO to help) Change the focus points on cam to match their face when staying in the same spot
  • Backpack with water, snack, suncream! Use a baseball cap, as we cant use shades, keep that sun off you!
  • You may not be able to use your phone to contact client, it was so busy in Brighton that day I couldn’t. They did tell me when the last runner had left, so I knew when to leave my first spot
  • Have the route on your phone
  • Get press accreditation from organisors
  • Group shots back at the charity’s tent
  • Shoot with a landmark in the background i.e. the Pavilion with a wide lens – The rest was a longer lens just for runners – Finish line wide angle
  • Ask about any special runners i.e. Unicorns, wheelchairs etc
  • Capture any stories, there is a lot of emotion!

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