Heather Peace at Stonewall

Heather Peace at Stonewall #NoBystanders by emma bailey blog

Heather Peace at Stonewall – event photography for Square Peg Media

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Square Peg Media asked me to capture Heather Peace on a work experience day at Stonewall’s offices at Waterloo…

It was for their London Pride issue in Out in the City. Heather met with youth workers, brave modest girls who have worked in their own schools or when they weren’t allowed, they campaigned for equality in others that let them. Then we were shown Stonewalls #NoBystanders  anti-bully video, a well made and hard hitting film, which has shocked, as it should, quite a few people. She worked on the switchboard and heard the problems which people face, she then talked to the international department and how difficult, but how rewarding their job is.

Writer: David Hudson Pride in London Guide p56-60

Please watch the brief but biting film below

#NoBystanders Film

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