Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within

Bird Eats Baby - Bullet Within - Album Launch - The Macbeth - by music photographer emma bailey

Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within – album launch                     click big pic for slideshow

I love my job. I get to photograph talented, sexy people like this bunch…

I shot Birdeatsbaby for their album launch The Bullet Within, at Hoxton’s The Macbeth. Theatrical and playful band of orchestral rockers led by the ginger chieftain Mishken on piano. Taking good pictures is easier when you have a great band giving you what you need and it was all there. The sound was great in the venue and the decor suited the band’s sound, which gave the photos a great feel – add that to an electric performance and some showmanship – and yeah, was a fun night, with Emberhoney supporting them.


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